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How to watch movies on smart TV

Smart TV

The unique difference between a Smart TV and Standard TV is the access to the internet. A Smart TV allows us to connect to the internet where we can access a lot of things especially for social networking, video streaming or surfing online, some smart TV comes inbuilt Wi-Fi and the others are connected with either net. The whole range of online services can be accessed once the TV is connected to the internet.

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Movies in Smart TV

In a smart TV there will be a lot of inbuilt apps and also other apps will be available which we can download whenever we require that is just like our smartphones. The ability to access video on demand service is the most significant and popular feature of the smart TV. You can watch movies online on a smart TV through certain apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime by signing up with it by monthly subscription. Generally, more apps are created for smartphones but we are nearing the same as on smart TV. You can also watch movies online on a smart TV with its browser where you can search for your favorite website for movies. Smart TVs are also accessible to free services like YouTube, Vimeo, etc, where you can watch music videos, funny videos, movie trailers, and teasers, etc.

Pre-installed apps are most common and popular on most of the smart TVs. Apps like     BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, Channel 4’s All 4, and Spotify – giving you instant access to some great online content, whether it’s TV, movies, sport, or music.

Some of the great apps to watch movies on smart TV are

Netflix is an American based online service provider with a subscription-based system which has a library of movies and TV programs online. You can install this app on your smart TV and enjoy movies by simply signing up and subscribing to it. Netflix has over 126 million total subscribers.

HBO Go, it is also one of the subscriptions based app which allows you to stream video on demand in your smart TV online. This streams old and the new movies, series, special events and even sports news. Since HBO have a long-term relationship with every one of the movie studios the probability of finding a good movie or a series in this app is more when compared to other application.

YouTube is one of the best apps in the world to watch videos and movies online and it is the must-have app for every smart TV in this world. In this you can watch your favorite video not only watching, you can also share or comment on the video whatever you watch. You can enjoy HD videos for free since nowadays most of the videos are in HD.

Hulu Plus, when it is compared with Netflix new shows aren’t available readily but this is fulfilled by the Hulu Plus app where it offers recent movies and series episodes.

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