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How to Download & Install Kodi on iOS without Jailbreaking

Kodi for iPhone without jailbreaking: Kodi is an open source multimedia player available for IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Kodi allows users to play all type of media files (Videos, Audios, images etc) from different sources across the internet as well as from local storage on your device. Kodi is formally known as XMBC, Now by incorporating some advanced features and technology, it’s now providing great service for free under the name Kodi. To stream the contents from online you need to have add-ons. To install them on Kodi, you will need the help of repositories. Installing Kodi repository to sideload addons is the best practice for streaming content on Kodi.

Though there are many media players available in the market, no one beats Kodi. You can stream movies, TV shows, and all other media across the internet on your iPhone/iPad using Kodi for IOS. You can download Kodi IOS version for jailbroken devices from Kodi official website. Many of the people don’t want to jail Break their IOS device. For them here we providing a step by step procedure for How to install Kodi on IOS (iPhone/iPad) without jailbreaking. All you need here is a Mac Laptop & IOS (iPhone/iPad) device with a good internet connection.

Download and Install Kodi for iPhone / iPad (IOS) without JailBreaking:

  • Download Debian files from which required to carry out all the operations we do from now on words.
  • Connect your IOS device to Mac via cable or WiFi.
  • Go to Safari browser on your MAC System.
  • There login with your Apple ID and Password that you use for Mac to install KODI for iPad / iPhone (IOS).
  • After login, it will navigate to next page and just scroll down there and click on agree terms and conditions and click on submit.
  • Now go to App store on MAC device and search for XCode. Click on XCode. Now install this app by clicking on install icon. wait for a few seconds for installation.
  • Now open XCode on your MAC and go to XCode Menu>>>Preferences. A small prompt will appear with different options.
  • Click on Accounts and Add our Apple ID by clicking on plus symbol a the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Enter your Login ID, Password and click on login. Then your id will be added to XCode. Close the XCode window.


  • Now again Open XCode and click on “create a new XCode project” and click on “IOS” on the left side of the window. Now click on applications and click on “single view applications” and click on “next”.
  • It will be navigated to the next page where you need to enter some details to install KODI for iPhone / iPad. You can give and edit all the details as per your wish. After completion click on “next”.
  • It will ask you to select the directory to save the file. Click on “Desktop” and then click on “save”.
  • For some people, it will show you some error with the name “No Matching Provisioning Profiles Found”. You can fix the error by selecting team name as “Annas Damri” and select your device (iPhone or iPad types) at the top. You can refer below image and fix on “fix issue”. You can also select your IOS version at Deployment target to download KODI for iPhone / iPad (IOS).
  • Download IOS App signer. After completion of the download, you can open it. There you can find different options on the window.
  • The first option is the input file, select the Debian file that you have already downloaded here. Select remaining options as per the image below. Now click on start. Now select desktop as saving directory. compiling will take a while and wait until the completion. Now you can observe an IPA file saved on the desktop.


  • Now you need to send this file to your IOS device. Go to Xcode and click on windows icon over there. From the drop-down menu select devices. A new window will be opened containing all the information regarding the devices connected to your MAC. Now select your device from the left side menu and click on plus symbol and select the IPA file that just now created, click on open.


  • The file will be automatically sent to your IOS device. Wait until the completion of sending. After completion, you can find KODI icon on your IOS device menu. With this, you have successfully installed KODI for iPhone / iPad.
  • As this app is not downloaded from iTunes, You need to set the supplier trusted. To do this Settings>> General>> Profile and Device Management. There tap on the email id that you have initially registered with. click on trust two times. Now you can launch your Kodi App on your device.


As KODI providing many features and add-ons to stream and watch Movies, TV shows, TV series and different media many would like to enjoy this app. I think all of you might have installed KODI for iPhone / iPad without jailbreaking on your IOS device. If you face any problem during installation feel free to contact me via comment. Don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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