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Best Firestick Remote App For iPhone Users

If you are reading this article, then definitely you’ll know about the Firestick. It’s also safe to assume that you know about the Firestick remote apps. Just in case if you stumbled across this blog, and don’t know how to use the Firestick completely, then you can check these Firestick tutorials.

This device comes with remote control, so that when you misplace your remote, or the battery drained- what you do?

Amazon has prepared in advance for such contingency such that you an control your Firestick device with your smartphone. No matter what Operating System you run, all you have to do is simply download the remote app into your phone.

Best firestick remote apps

Amazon has its application for you to control you Firestick remotely, and also they have a lot of other application for this purpose that is just as good. This article speaks about the best applications you can use to control your Firestick device remotely from your iPhone.

1. CetusPlay Remote

It’s one of the best remote control apps for iPhone out there in the market. It has a wide range of features and it can be used for multiple purpose. For instance, you can use this app via several modes.

  • The mouse mode allows you to make use of the app on your iPhone to control your Firestick device like you would a mouse on a computer.
  • The touchpad mode : you can control the Firestick device using the TouchPad.
  • The keyboard mode: just as the name sound it can be used as keyboard.
  • Finally the, direction pad mode.

These are the ways you can use the CetusPlay app to control your Firestick device. It has a simple interface that makes the users easy to understand and navigate. The main feature of the CetusPlay app is that it supports functionalities for multiple languages.

2. Amazon Fire TV Remote

Fire TV remote app it’s own remote application for controlling your Firestick device. It can be downloaded on your smartphone store, and you have to do is search on your App Store. It works exactly like the normal Firestick remote control, with a few extra features. After downloading the application on your device, it’s recommended to use WiFi to connect the firestick with your phone.

3. Kore Remote

This is another excellent application for controlling your Firestick device, from your iPhone. Although it’s limited to just the Kodi. This app is mainly for Kodi lovers. But it can’t be used to control any other application apart from Kodi.

This app has a lot of amazing features such as multiple language support, library browsing, and can choose to color them.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article was really helpful. You can feel free to share your suggestion, if we missed any best app in this list. Do let us know in the comment section.

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