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How to Download & Install Kodi on iOS without Jailbreaking

Kodi for iPhone without jailbreaking: Kodi is an open source multimedia player available for IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Kodi allows users to play all type of media files (Videos, Audios, images etc) from different sources across the internet as well as from local storage on your device. Kodi is formally known as XMBC, Now by incorporating some advanced features and technology, it’s now providing great service for free under the name Kodi. To stream the contents from online you need to have add-ons. To install them on Kodi, you will need the help of repositories. Installing Kodi repository to sideload addons is the best practice for streaming content on Kodi.

Though there are many media players available in the market, no one beats Kodi. You can stream movies, TV shows, and all other media across the internet on your iPhone/iPad using Kodi for IOS. You can download Kodi IOS version for jailbroken devices from Kodi official website. Many of the people don’t want to jail Break their IOS device. For them here we providing a step by step procedure for How to install Kodi on IOS (iPhone/iPad) without jailbreaking. All you need here is a Mac Laptop & IOS (iPhone/iPad) device with a good internet connection.

Download and Install Kodi for iPhone / iPad (IOS) without JailBreaking:

  • Download Debian files from which required to carry out all the operations we do from now on words.
  • Connect your IOS device to Mac via cable or WiFi.
  • Go to Safari browser on your MAC System.
  • There login with your Apple ID and Password that you use for Mac to install KODI for iPad / iPhone (IOS).
  • After login, it will navigate to next page and just scroll down there and click on agree terms and conditions and click on submit.
  • Now go to App store on MAC device and search for XCode. Click on XCode. Now install this app by clicking on install icon. wait for a few seconds for installation.
  • Now open XCode on your MAC and go to XCode Menu>>>Preferences. A small prompt will appear with different options.
  • Click on Accounts and Add our Apple ID by clicking on plus symbol a the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Enter your Login ID, Password and click on login. Then your id will be added to XCode. Close the XCode window.


  • Now again Open XCode and click on “create a new XCode project” and click on “IOS” on the left side of the window. Now click on applications and click on “single view applications” and click on “next”.
  • It will be navigated to the next page where you need to enter some details to install KODI for iPhone / iPad. You can give and edit all the details as per your wish. After completion click on “next”.
  • It will ask you to select the directory to save the file. Click on “Desktop” and then click on “save”.
  • For some people, it will show you some error with the name “No Matching Provisioning Profiles Found”. You can fix the error by selecting team name as “Annas Damri” and select your device (iPhone or iPad types) at the top. You can refer below image and fix on “fix issue”. You can also select your IOS version at Deployment target to download KODI for iPhone / iPad (IOS).
  • Download IOS App signer. After completion of the download, you can open it. There you can find different options on the window.
  • The first option is the input file, select the Debian file that you have already downloaded here. Select remaining options as per the image below. Now click on start. Now select desktop as saving directory. compiling will take a while and wait until the completion. Now you can observe an IPA file saved on the desktop.


  • Now you need to send this file to your IOS device. Go to Xcode and click on windows icon over there. From the drop-down menu select devices. A new window will be opened containing all the information regarding the devices connected to your MAC. Now select your device from the left side menu and click on plus symbol and select the IPA file that just now created, click on open.


  • The file will be automatically sent to your IOS device. Wait until the completion of sending. After completion, you can find KODI icon on your IOS device menu. With this, you have successfully installed KODI for iPhone / iPad.
  • As this app is not downloaded from iTunes, You need to set the supplier trusted. To do this Settings>> General>> Profile and Device Management. There tap on the email id that you have initially registered with. click on trust two times. Now you can launch your Kodi App on your device.


As KODI providing many features and add-ons to stream and watch Movies, TV shows, TV series and different media many would like to enjoy this app. I think all of you might have installed KODI for iPhone / iPad without jailbreaking on your IOS device. If you face any problem during installation feel free to contact me via comment. Don’t forget to share this article on social media.

Best iptv services for kodi to stream 1000s of channels

Kodi turned tables! It literally changed the way how we watch TV. It’s not only because of kodi, but there are a lot of other such services like Hulu. Amazon Prime, Netflix. These are the most famous top players among hundreds of them. IPTV service is the near future of the TV world. All the tech giants are playing their own game to capture the entertainment industry. It is the most profitable industry. All these tech gains have already started their work. Amazon Firestick, Prime, Google Chromecast, Netflix is very few of them. The main reason for the growth of IPTV services are, the cost is too high. With the advancement in technology, you can enjoy the same for one-fourth of its original cost. There are lots of paid services available on Kodi. Here we will share some of the best IPTV services to watch all your favorite channels.

Best IPTV services for Kodi

Here we are about to explain the top three services. These have different package and functionality. With these channels, you can watch 1000s of the channel. It also includes TV shows, Series, Movies, and other channels.

Amazon Prime

If you are looking for the best-paid service in Kodi, then nothing can beat Amazon prime. Amazon prime is compatible with most of the devices. Even though you can find the app or addon, you can directly stream from the browser with login details. If you are using kodi on firestick, you can directly install Amazon Prime app in the firestick and enjoy the show. On looking at a bigger point of view, prime is really a good deal. The cost of a prime subscription is around $13 per month. For this $13 you will get to watch movies, TV shows, and live event. In addition to this, you can also use your prime subscription to get free delivery on your order, You can read some of the best books, before the release. Amazon prime also provides a huge collection of TV shows and music. Well, we guess, Amazon Prime will be a good choice.


The next biggest streaming service provider is Netflix. It has a lot of special Netflix exclusive shows. And these shows are totally awesome. And people started using Netflix only for these shows. These shows are totally addictive. It also got a good collection of movies and TV shows. The price is around $12/month. You can watch TV shows, movies, and other Netflix original series. There is also a one month trial for Netflix. Make sure try this before buying the subscription.


If you are looking for low-cost services, then Hulu can be a better choice. The cost of Hulu is around $6/month for a year and after that, it will around $8/month. Similar to the other streaming services you can watch TV shows, movies, and Hulu original. It also got a one-month free plan, make sure to try this before purchasing the plan. But when compared to the other tow services, the content of Hulu is low, You can purchase the subscription from the Hulu official site.

If you think the cost is too much, then refer this guide to keep watching free IPTV on kodi using addons. Well, these are the Best IPTV services for Kodi. Hope this article is informative and clear. If you are having any issue, or need any clarification, do comment below.

Best kodi addons for liea the latest version

We all know that a new version of kodi has been released recently. Since the release, a lot of users are asking for the best kodi addons kist for Leia. Before moving into the topic, you must know what are the major difference between Kodi krypton (17) and Kodi Leia (18). Krypton is the most used version of kodi. Kodi devs had made lots of updates to the kodi krypton version since the release. And finally, due to the major bug fix, the latest Leia version was released.

Difference between kodi Krypton and Kodi Leia

There is only very few difference between kodi krypton and Leia. Some of the notable differences are themes and customizable option. Its interface is similar but skins are amazing. And coming to the functional difference kodi Leia supports USB media streaming and the ad-hoc network. Though krypton version has these features, it won’t work properly. If you are trying to connect, it will show errors. And these are the some of the few upgrades in kodi 18. Even though the kodi had moved to the next phase, some of the addons are still not in the sync. Like they are not compatible with kodi Leia version. So in this article, we will see some of the most popular kodi addons of 2018.

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is one of the best kodi addons. It was developed by Mr. Blamo. He is one of the core people in developing Exodus and URL Resolver. In simple terms, Neptune rising is better than the exodus. But recently Blamo repo was made to shut down. So you can install this addon from that repository. Luckily, one more repo has the working files of Neptune rising, you can directly install from that repository. Use the Tron TV repository to install nNeptunerising kodi addon.  It is an all in one addon, which can stream movies, TV shows, and a few series. 90% of the contents are working great. And no content are geo-restricted. You can access any content from any country. It also has a special section for 100 categories. Make sure to check this add0on, you will be amazed.


Next comes the most reliable addon ever! Yep, the exodus is the most reliable addon. Its still working fine after facing lots of issues. Exodus is one of the premium kodi addons. currently its available in lots of repository like kodil repo, Exodus repo and few more. you can install the addon from any for the repository. Its an all in one addon capable of streaming movies, TV shows. The contents are categorized on the user-friendly manner. There are lots of small tools available in this addon, which helps you to download the content and store on a hard disk.

These two are the most used kodi addon. There are a lot of other addons and alternatives for these addons. These addons are one for the first set of the addon, upgraded for kodi Leia. But no addon can replace this addon. This is the only reason it has a place in this list. make sure to try these addons.

Best kodi addons for firestick 2018

If you are a kodi user you might already know that there are thousands of addons available out there. One of the common questions on the user mind is how to select the best addon for a device? This is one of the most asked questions on the kodi forum. Well, in this article we will explain some of the key points to select the best addons for your device. And a set of best addons for firestick. You might wonder why firestick? Well, kodi is mostly used in forestick.

To pick the addon based on the device, you need to consider device advantage and limitations into consideration. For instance, if you want to choose the best addons for firestick, you need to filter the addons with some limitations. Firestick is a streaming device intended to turn your normal TV to smart TV. And the RAM and storage capacity of the device is fixed or limited. So you need to choose the addon with minimum size. Since the storage space is limited, you need to manage the space for optimum performance. Or you can follow the ultimate guide at, to optimize the performance of your firestick.

In case if you are using kodi on PC, you literally have no restrictions. You can use any of the addons. If the available RAM is not enough you can extend it. And storage is much bigger than the firestick, so here you can dump any number of addons. It may act as the good testing ground for checking addons. You can also try various build on PC. When compared to addons, you can go for any of the builds.

These are the factors you should consider before choosing an addon for the firestick. Hope the information is crisp and clear. Now let’s proceed to the list of best kodi addons for firestick.

Best Kodi addons for the firestick


This is one of my all-time favorite addons. whatever new addons may come, but Exodus is the classic addon. which bosted the kodi fame. Exodus is a video addon capable of streaming movies and TV shows. And the addon is so simple and user-friendly. You can even download a movie or Tv from exodus directly. When compared to the other addon fetching rate is pretty high. And the content is regularly updated. The size of this addon is comparatively low. This makes it an optimum addon for firestick.

cCloud TV

This is yet another live TV addon capable of streaming most of the contents. If you are new, it might take some time to get used to this addon. But once you started using it, you will love it! It is so amazing. You can watch live TV shows, events and lot more. When compared to the other addons, the size of this addon is comparatively low. So this addon performs well on the firestick.

These are some of the best hand-picked addons for firestick to watch movies, TV shows, and live TV. If you are planning to watch any other content, you need to install other addons. Make sure to install an addon with less size, at the same time the performance does matter.

Best Kodi add-ons to watch Live Sports

Compatibility can be increased by adding an add-on either a hardware unit or a program utility to the computer. Service on Kodi can be increased by an add-on to it. Kodi add-on can be done by downloading and installing the Kodi Add-on installer.

Some of the best Add-on for sports


For a great picture quality of sports content, Boom is the well-known Kodi add-on. All the versions of Kodi do support Boom because it has been updated periodically since it has been created which provides a lot of new data. Football, Boxing MMA, Motorsport, Acestream sports, Golf, etc are the significant categories of Boom. This Kodi add-on can be found in Boom repository. This Boom add-on allows you to watch different sports since it has a wide variety of sports category.

Sports Devil

Sports devil is not an official add-on of Kodi but it is one of the best add-ons. If you are using firestick for streaming purpose and also if you are a sports fan this add-on will be more effective for you. The function of this add-on is made smoother by a developer with few patches and bugfixes for Android TV.

Sports 365 live

Live streaming of the favorite sports is made possible by this add-on called Sports 365 live. Popular sports games such as Football, F1, Tennis, Hockey, Cricket, Handball, Badminton, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball and so many are provided in this add-on. It is one of the best add-ons for the sports fan with full of complete sports content.

 iPlayer WWW

It is also one of the best for live sports section and also allows the user to access easily to BBC player’s content. This add-on provides high-quality streaming of sports in other countries too, since its majority of sports content is in the UK. Sometimes when you are living outside the UK there may be the restriction on content-based upon the region but with the help of the VPN, these digital hurdles can be bypassed easily.

cloud TV

For a huge number of massive live section cloud TV is optimum and it is also one of the best live Kodi TV add-ons.  It covers sporting events from countries across the world, including the US, Russia, the Middle East, France, among others. While most of the streams work fine, you may encounter a few issues with American streams from time to time because streamers are blocked aggressively by American paid sports channels.

Atom Reborn

Atom Reborn Kodi add-on is one of the best add-ons for massive library content, if you are looking for the quantity then this add-on will help you a lot. Most of the streamers love this add-on because it has various categories such as new movies, music, live sports, TV shows, documentaries, and also a dedicated section for kids. This add-on was blocked in several regions and it was known by the name Atom, this causes difficulties for streamers to access the content online as they wish but this was rectified and works fine now.

How to Install and Setup Kodi

What is Kodi? This beginner project is initially made for Xbox to play content which is an open source media center. XBMC was originally stood for Xbox; you could have figured it out when you are good at acronyms. Kodi has the 10-foot user interface, which is designed to be used from the couch. As the days pass the importance and popularity of Kodi increases. It is one of the most popular platforms for entertainment which are compatible with Windows, Raspberry Pi, and Linux and also in Android. Android-powered devices are developed a lot such as phone, tablets and also smart TVs.

Also check: Best kodi addons to watch live sports

Download and Setup Kodi

There are several different options available on how to setup Kodi. The procedure may vary for different type of Operating system and devices. All the latest version of Kodi can be downloaded from the official Kodi website. Android users can install Kodi directly from the Google Play Store if it’s available on your device, or sideload the android app using the latest APK. For those of you that may not know what that is, sideloading an app is when the app is not available in an app store like Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store.

How to Install Kodi on Smart TV Box Directly?

Any previous versions of Kodi should be removed before installing Kodi on your smart TV. Follow these steps to install directly Kodi directly on smart TV.

*On the home screen, click on My Apps

*Then click on Browser

*Type then press Okay

*Go to Downloads

*Select ARM Version

*Wait for download complete

*Go to My Apps

*Go to App Installer

*Select Local Disk

*Find Kodi App and press okay to install

*Click Install on the pop-up dialog box

After the installation is complete, click on open. After all these odd steps Kodi is successfully installed on your smart TV.

How to Install Kodi on Android TV Box via Play Store?

When you choose to play store for installing Kodi, you don’t need to worry about 32 bit or 64 bit. It can be easily setup via the Google play store.

*Open Android Box Home

*Go to Google Play Store from the main menu

*Create your Gmail Account, if you don’t have one or log in to your existing Google account.

*Search for Kodi > Select Kodi > Click Install

*Open Android Box > Open Apps > Click on Kodi.

How to use Kodi

If you are using Kodi for the first time this will definitely help you. Likely Netflix and Plex, Kodi has developed a new theme in their latest version in order to match the left-hand screen. By default main menu includes several categories such as Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Music Videos, TV, Radio, Pictures, Add-ons, and Weather. You can add extra categories or hide unused ones depending upon the theme. Depending on what screen you are on when you click on it, context menu provides some extra features. For example, in the image on the left, I brought up the contextual menu for a movie – Wonder Woman.