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Best kodi addons for liea the latest version

We all know that a new version of kodi has been released recently. Since the release, a lot of users are asking for the best kodi addons kist for Leia. Before moving into the topic, you must know what are the major difference between Kodi krypton (17) and Kodi Leia (18). Krypton is the most used version of kodi. Kodi devs had made lots of updates to the kodi krypton version since the release. And finally, due to the major bug fix, the latest Leia version was released.

Difference between kodi Krypton and Kodi Leia

There is only very few difference between kodi krypton and Leia. Some of the notable differences are themes and customizable option. Its interface is similar but skins are amazing. And coming to the functional difference kodi Leia supports USB media streaming and the ad-hoc network. Though krypton version has these features, it won’t work properly. If you are trying to connect, it will show errors. And these are the some of the few upgrades in kodi 18. Even though the kodi had moved to the next phase, some of the addons are still not in the sync. Like they are not compatible with kodi Leia version. So in this article, we will see some of the most popular kodi addons of 2018.

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is one of the best kodi addons. It was developed by Mr. Blamo. He is one of the core people in developing Exodus and URL Resolver. In simple terms, Neptune rising is better than the exodus. But recently Blamo repo was made to shut down. So you can install this addon from that repository. Luckily, one more repo has the working files of Neptune rising, you can directly install from that repository. Use the Tron TV repository to install nNeptunerising kodi addon.  It is an all in one addon, which can stream movies, TV shows, and a few series. 90% of the contents are working great. And no content are geo-restricted. You can access any content from any country. It also has a special section for 100 categories. Make sure to check this add0on, you will be amazed.


Next comes the most reliable addon ever! Yep, the exodus is the most reliable addon. Its still working fine after facing lots of issues. Exodus is one of the premium kodi addons. currently its available in lots of repository like kodil repo, Exodus repo and few more. you can install the addon from any for the repository. Its an all in one addon capable of streaming movies, TV shows. The contents are categorized on the user-friendly manner. There are lots of small tools available in this addon, which helps you to download the content and store on a hard disk.

These two are the most used kodi addon. There are a lot of other addons and alternatives for these addons. These addons are one for the first set of the addon, upgraded for kodi Leia. But no addon can replace this addon. This is the only reason it has a place in this list. make sure to try these addons.

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