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Best iptv services for kodi to stream 1000s of channels

Kodi turned tables! It literally changed the way how we watch TV. It’s not only because of kodi, but there are a lot of other such services like Hulu. Amazon Prime, Netflix. These are the most famous top players among hundreds of them. IPTV service is the near future of the TV world. All the tech giants are playing their own game to capture the entertainment industry. It is the most profitable industry. All these tech gains have already started their work. Amazon Firestick, Prime, Google Chromecast, Netflix is very few of them. The main reason for the growth of IPTV services are, the cost is too high. With the advancement in technology, you can enjoy the same for one-fourth of its original cost. There are lots of paid services available on Kodi. Here we will share some of the best IPTV services to watch all your favorite channels.

Best IPTV services for Kodi

Here we are about to explain the top three services. These have different package and functionality. With these channels, you can watch 1000s of the channel. It also includes TV shows, Series, Movies, and other channels.

Amazon Prime

If you are looking for the best-paid service in Kodi, then nothing can beat Amazon prime. Amazon prime is compatible with most of the devices. Even though you can find the app or addon, you can directly stream from the browser with login details. If you are using kodi on firestick, you can directly install Amazon Prime app in the firestick and enjoy the show. On looking at a bigger point of view, prime is really a good deal. The cost of a prime subscription is around $13 per month. For this $13 you will get to watch movies, TV shows, and live event. In addition to this, you can also use your prime subscription to get free delivery on your order, You can read some of the best books, before the release. Amazon prime also provides a huge collection of TV shows and music. Well, we guess, Amazon Prime will be a good choice.


The next biggest streaming service provider is Netflix. It has a lot of special Netflix exclusive shows. And these shows are totally awesome. And people started using Netflix only for these shows. These shows are totally addictive. It also got a good collection of movies and TV shows. The price is around $12/month. You can watch TV shows, movies, and other Netflix original series. There is also a one month trial for Netflix. Make sure try this before buying the subscription.


If you are looking for low-cost services, then Hulu can be a better choice. The cost of Hulu is around $6/month for a year and after that, it will around $8/month. Similar to the other streaming services you can watch TV shows, movies, and Hulu original. It also got a one-month free plan, make sure to try this before purchasing the plan. But when compared to the other tow services, the content of Hulu is low, You can purchase the subscription from the Hulu official site.

If you think the cost is too much, then refer this guide to keep watching free IPTV on kodi using addons. Well, these are the Best IPTV services for Kodi. Hope this article is informative and clear. If you are having any issue, or need any clarification, do comment below.

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